Contaminants Treated

Zero Valent Iron Solutions uses proven technology
to optimize efficacy and maintain compliance

ZVIS systems have been in operation across North America since 2000 safeguarding precious water sources from toxic accumulations of target contaminants, while leading the way in new research, field trials and improved technologies.

Below is a list of (partial) target chemicals ZVIS’ proven and tested technology can help you remove or reduce:

Se – Selenium

Selenium Removal
As – Arsenic

Al – Aluminum

Sb – Antimony

Cd – Cadmium

Cu – Copper

Zn – Zinc

Cr – Chromium (VI)

Hg – Mercury

Ni – Nickel

Pb – Lead

Tl – Thallium

Co – Cobalt

Mo – Molybdenum

U – Uranium

* Results based on field trials and/or bench testing. Environmental variables and water chemistry can have a significant impact on performance. ZVIS offers both an In Lab Treatability Study as well as pilot programs to help you assess performance for your specific situation.