Coal Mining

coal mining

·  The number one application for zero valent iron is in surface coal mining applications

·  Strip mining, mountaintop removal mining, exposes overburden (rock) to air/water

·  Surface water dissolves Selenate, an oxide of Selenium from the rock

·  Selenium compounds in surface water can be harmful to the ecosystem

·  Contaminated water flows into local streams & rivers

·  Environmental protections are in place to limit Selenium levels being discharged by coal mining

·  ZVIS, LLC is working with Scientists, academics, regulating bodies and mine operators to install treatment systems

·  ZVIS systems are economical and effective

·  Passive systems require no electricity to operate

·  Systems consist of tanks interconnected by pipes

·  Water flowing from mine seeps passes through the systems

·  Selenium is captured and retained

·  Tanks require periodic maintenance to re-charge the active media and safely dispose of the captured selenium