Pilot Program

The ZVIS Pilot Program provides actionable solutions at a nominal cost

Our extensive experience and expertise in water remediation allows us to predict how a system will perform in a given application. However, there is no substitute for live data because there can be situations that arise that cannot be anticipated. For example, water chemistry can change due to production variables, season, weather, and process upsets. Industrial waste streams, in particular, nearly always exhibit significant variability from site to site and are difficult to model.

A ZVIS pilot program helps you get your operating systems up to speed in your environment in a non- mission critical format.
The program provides real-time troubleshooting, invaluable learning and actionable solutions—at a fraction of the cost of a full scale system. Here’s how it works: ZVIS provides a trial of small-scale water treatment system to collect data and document the performance of the system. Not only does the pilot installation provide the opportunity to gather live data, it also provides a venue for your operations staff to gain experience.

Zero Valent Iron Solutions can design and provide pilot systems for most water treatment applications allowing our clients to experience ZVIS water treatment technologies at minimal risk and expense. Once the data are gathered, ZVIS will review it with you in order to optimize system performance.

You can schedule a complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Raymond Lovett prior to launching the pilot.
By consulting with you and gaining a more comprehensive understanding of your specific needs, Dr. Lovett and our team can deliver the optimum solution for you specific site needs.

Contact our experts to learn more about our pilot program or to schedule an installation.