In Lab Treatability Study

Your Water Tested in Our Lab

Water chemistry and treatment objectives vary from site to site. An in-lab treatability study allows ZVIS to identify the most efficient media for your water and is often the first step in pilot scale testing.

How the Process Works:

  • A 5 gallon sample of your water is sent to the ZVIS labs.
  • A brief consultation with one of our experts identifies operating parameters, target contaminants, and reduction targets. We also ask for a copy of a recent water quality study.
  • Our laboratory then completes a comprehensive suite of  tests to determine the most efficient ZVI media for your water.

How we test and what we test for:

We use both static jar tests and dynamic flow through columns to determine removal efficiency. Results from this study give an indication of media application and specific ZVI media needed to remove your target contaminants.  Contaminants we have tested and successfully treated  include:

If your target contaminants are not listed above, please contact us.

What you’ll learn:

At the conclusion of testing our lab will issue a comprehensive report including characterization of metal, characterization of the water, recommendations for the conditioning of the contaminants for removal, and optimization of operating parameters and recommendations for a pilot scale field study.

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