Industrial Waste Water

Our proprietary solutions are reliable,
efficient, cost effective and keep you in compliance.

As industries become more competitive and environmental regulations become more stringent, the need for economical, effective water remediation treatments becomes even more critical. Zero Valent Iron Solutions delivers. Our proven and tested above ground reactor-based reactor treatment systems are easy to handle and are engineered to provide years of trouble-free service.

Zero Valent Iron Solutions offers treatment options for a wide variety of industries, environments and applications, including discharges from Industrial sites, both active and abandoned. Our above ground reactor-based treatments are successful in capturing and containing pollutants in industrial wastewater for a variety of industries, including (but not limited to): plating, energy generation, refining, mining, and chemical manufacturing.

Proven effective for a broad range of industries, ZVIS water treatment systems are scalable to meet your site-specific requirements, and are the lowest cost systems per thousand gallons treated. The media is consumed with use, and the reactors are designed to allow safe and economical removal and replacement of the media, making it easy to dispose of the captured contaminant(s).

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