Selinium Compliance

Download Selenium Removal White PaperZVIS delivers site-specific solutions that keep you in compliance with EPA selenium discharge standards

Zero Valent Iron Systems will provide a complete treatment system based on our proven, scalable treatment tanks containing zero valent iron media. These systems are designed and scaled to customer and site specifications based on numerous criteria such as:

  • Seep average and peak flow rate
  • Site topography
  • Cost and discharge limit considerations
  • Source water chemistry & starting selenium concentrations
  • Local environmental regulations

Ready to start solving your selenium compliance problems? We’re here to help you quickly and inexpensively get the answers you need to make an informed decision.

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  2. In-Lab Treatability Study – We test your water in our lab. Get quality predictive results before moving to a pilot or full scale implementation.
  3. Pilot Scale Field Testing

Take the first step in solving your selenium compliance problems and call ZVIS at 866.900.9828 to set up your complimentary consultation.