Our System

ZVIS systems are engineered to provide safe and economical selenium removal

The Zero Valent Iron Solutions Selenium Removal System is scalable to meet customer and site-specific requirements. The basis of the system is a weatherproof poly treatment tank, engineered to provide years of trouble-free service.

These tanks contain a precise amount of proprietary media, which is both the source of the zero valent iron (ZVI) and the mechanism for retaining captured selenium. The media is consumed with use, so the tanks are designed to allow safe and economical removal and replacement of the media, making it easy to dispose of the captured selenium.

Each tank treats a set volume of constant flow and maintains a predictable removal rate. Depending on site conditions, tanks may be plumbed in series to increase selenium removal or in parallel to handle increased flow rates.

Typically, each series string requires one to three tanks to achieve the desired results at up to 20 gallons per minute of constant flow. Scaling up requires plumbing additional strings in parallel. (Links to requirements WhitePaper)

Depending on site conditions and customer requirements, Zero Valent Iron Solutions will customize a system to meet your challenge.

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