Municipal (PRB)

ZVIS’ proven Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB)
technology ensures groundwater compliance

There are many sources of groundwater contamination, such as landfills and operating and abandoned industrial sites. In addition to these stationary pollution sources, storm runoff in paved areas can disperse various contaminants over a wide area. In each case, multiple pollutants are often involved and a comprehensive solution is required when they eventually seep into the water table.

ZVIS provides the essential reactive materials for installation in permeable reactive barriers, aka “iron walls” containing zero valent iron that convert and capture DNAPL’s in underground water flows, protecting invaluable aquifers from contamination by these pollutants.

Once environmental experts isolate the source of contamination, a passive, in situ treatment solution is the ideal means to handle the cleanup. Our proprietary Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) media offers a safe, proven, economical method to treat contaminated groundwater. Filtered through a dense matrix of ZVI fibers, organic contaminants are broken down to less toxic elements and compounds, while inorganic pollutants and metals are converted to less-mobile and less-toxic species that are retained in the ZVI media for safe and easy removal.

See the current  list of ZVI-treatable pollutants here.

Zero Valent Iron Solutions offers in situ and ex situ systems designed to provide trouble-free operation and economical regulatory compliance for a wide variety of groundwater contamination sources.

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