ZVIS is compliant ready and future focused

A leader in in-situ and ex-situ water remediation technology, Zero Valent Iron Solutions works with the best minds in engineering, chemistry and mining to deliver unrivaled treatment systems.  Our team works tirelessly to help you address your waste water compliance problems in a timely, cost-effective manner so you can remain compliant and avoid costly citations.

Natural water can be easily contaminated by seepage of heavy metals, inorganic and organic materials and other chemicals. Such chemicals can arise naturally or  (most commonly) from human, industrial, agricultural and sanitary activities.  Zero Valent Iron Solutions is dedicated to protecting natural resources—and your fiscal resources—using proven, cost-effective solutions that apply proven chemical processes in a unique way.  These advanced systems can be customized for treatment of mining wastewater, industrial wastewater, municipal applications and agricultural wastewater.

    A quick snapshot of a ZVIS deionization systems versus other removal systems:

  • When compared to a wetland treatment, our system requires a much smaller footprint (think postage stamp versus house).
  • Unlike biological treatment, a ZVIS system does not rely on microorganisms that must be kept alive. Additionally, there’s none of the foul smell or hazardous waste disposal associated with biological systems.
  • A ZVIS system is 20% the capital cost of a reverse osmosis system, plus there is no need for large quantities of brine disposal.

ZVIS is committed to advancing the science of clean water

ZVIS actively participates in ongoing university research, and continually partners with top academics in the fields of chemistry, toxicology, biology, ecology and other sciences in order to advance the science of clean water. We also work directly with industry and the government to advance clean-water initiatives across the country, cooperating in our mutual goal of cost-efficient water purification and a cleaner environment.

To learn more about the criteria and applications for treating mine water runoff , industrial waste water and above ground wastewater, please contact our experts.