What is Zero Valent Iron?

What is Zero Valent Iron?

Zero Valent Iron (ZVI), elemental metallic iron, reduces waterborne inorganic ions, releasing soluble Fe(ll) in their place, which oxidizes further into Fe(III). Coal mining drainage is an example where ZVI has treated contaminated water safely, effectively and economically.

In chemical terms, ZVI describes the elemental form of iron, and refers to the zero charge carried by each atom—a result of the outer valence level being filled.

These characteristics allow ZVI to convert oxidized elements—which may be toxic and soluble in water—into immobile solid forms. ZVI chemistry allows for effective, reliable reduction of waterborne contaminants that works for industry as well as the environment.

Taking advantage of these properties, Zero Valent Iron Solutions has engineered field-proven water treatment systems that harness the reductive power of ZVI in above-ground, flow through reactor based systems. Zero Valent Iron Solutions systems effectively and reliably reduce contaminants such as selenium (Se), arsenic (As), lead (Pb) and mercury (Hg) and many other pollutants.

Another common use for ZVI is iron wall remediation. This technology uses ZVI to form a permeable reactive barrier (PRB). The iron reacts with contaminants in groundwater, leaving only decontaminated groundwater on the other side of the PRB.

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