How it Works

ZVI technology delivers greater control over the service cycle

Zero Valent Solutions uses high surface area, permeable elemental iron to reduce or remove water-borne targeted pollutants that create costly and time-consuming compliance issues.

ZVI is also capable of reductive dehalogenation of chlorinated compounds such as TCE and halogenated hydrocarbons.

ZVIS – Reactor based Systems to Achieve Wastewater  Regulatory Compliance
Zero Valent Iron Solutions offers an above ground, reactor-based system that removes contaminants from wastewater with our patented Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) technology.

Here’s how it works: Contaminated water flows through a dense matrix of finely divided ZVI fibers at a controlled rate. Soluble contaminants, such as selenate (SeO3=) and arsenite (AsO3=) are reduced to insoluble forms that remain in the media.

Depending on flow and water chemistry, the ZVI media is eventually depleted and replaced, taking the trapped contaminants with it. The easily replaced media typically meets TCLP requirements for non-hazardous waste and may be disposed of in a landfill.

Our systems are designed to scale to each application and specification, giving the customer full control over service cycle, flow rate and safety margins. From site evaluation to turnkey system installation, we can provide solutions for your situation.

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